The Irish government’s Department of Business has said that remote working for its staff will become a “permanent feature” of how it operates into the future, reported on October 31.

Ireland like several other countries has had to switch to remote working as an integral part of its economic future as it faces down a nationwide Tier-5 lockdown.

Prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, some 70% of its workforce had no experience of working remotely, but the department is now planning to spend up to €60,000 on a programme that will aim to encourage people to work in remote locations.

The department has now but a contract out to tender for a programme that will help spearhead the long-term change in direction.

“This project will take into account the current fully remote working environment and the likely post-Covid-19 blended working environment – where team members work from the physical office and remotely in varying degrees,” the department said.

The move also encourages those in Dublin to move out of overpriced postcodes in the city centre to cheaper rural areas, potentially reducing the overall cost in government expenditure.

Current Tánaiste and former Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said the government wants remote working and home working to become part “of the new normal” and “if done right, the benefits are huge”.



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