Northern Ireland’s Agri-Food Quest Competence Centre (AFQCC) has announced the launch of the Food Futures website with Queen’s University Belfast and Invest Northern Ireland.

The Food Futures project aim is to develop a holistic Sustainability Platform, including reporting tool for agri-food supply chains. Robust, industry wide, evidence-based tools will generate reports for use by the industry and consumers.

The project is currently developing its first platform to capture, credit and drive behavioural change to develop the sustainability of the Northern Irish agri-food production sector, it states.

The organisation states that “people, planet and profit”, are the main things to be considered moving forward in the region.

The site states with the help of 31 ambassadors of farmers, the group is organising several benchmarks, utilising science and technology for improvement and efficiencies.

Food Futures is designed to bring together into a robust tool, information from across the agri-food supply chains relating to all the core pillars of sustainability. Its purpose is to provide a quantifiable indicator of the sustainability of food production in a holistic manner.

Under the ‘Economic and Efficiency Metrics’, the organisation has listed several terms, including labour productivity, business planning, farm investment, risk management, and benchmarking. Under the profitability, the site notes it is looking into gross margin per hectare, new margin per hectare and cost of production.


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