The UK’s self-driving technology startup Wayve announced it had raised $200mn from investors to scale up autonomous driving technology globally and launch new projects with partners, Reuters reported on January 18.

The UK is doubling down on efforts to keep ahead of the self-driving game and vehicle electrification with the creation of companies, including British Volt and others to become a leading nation in the fight to go green. The cars can reportedly adapt to any condition and that could also mean in rural areas and in agriculture.

The series B funding round brings the startups total fundraising to date at $258mn and includes new investment from companies including D1 Capital Partners, Moore Strategic Ventures and Linse Capital, plus fresh capital from other investors including US-based Microsoft.

The UK-based company said it has a “next generation approach” nor does it follow set rules and uses its vision to drive in its environment.

“Instead of telling a car how to drive we’ve built a system that learns to drive and can learn to do intelligent things,” Wayve CEO Alex Kendall said in a Youtube video.

“He added it learns to drive itself from its experience.”

The company has run several cars and other vehicles in cities across the UK including, Cambridge, London, Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester.