The Future Economic Rural Network (FERN) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Solid World DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), following their successful launch of cyrpto-backed carbon programme.

Solid World is a community that helps fund carbon projects to stop the climate crisis, working with carbon sequestration projects across the globe to help them bootstrap in the early stages of development.

As the UK’s first partner of Solid World, FERN aims to roll out a pilot project helping local communities reduce their carbon emissions through offsetting via tree planting on sites across the country in the coming months.

Teele Tuuling from Solid World said, “Happy to be Partners with FERN! You are doing a create job helping rural communities!”

Solild World DAO was recently the recipient of a $7.4mn cash injection led by Yolo Investments and ZGI Capital.

The company has some 1,500 agribusinesses on its books so far, and is looking to grow its business beyond its existing capacity with the added funding.

Speaking with FERN earlier in February, John Vibes said “The token launch is scheduled for Q2 or Q3 right now. Our priority is to have the best possible product and a very active community before launching the token.”