Representatives from seven UK agritech organisations have started a three-day tour of R&D sites in the Netherlands, Netherlandsandyou reported on May 25.

The tour will highlight the newest developments in agricultural and horticultural innovation, as well as the policies driving them. Among the organisations are the four UK-Tech Centres, who – together with the Dutch Wageningen University & Research (WUR) – announced last month they are progressing a sustainable farming partnership to seek to establish new, joint opportunities for innovative public-private partnerships in agrifood science and business.

Both the UK and the Netherlands are looking for innovative solutions to help meet the challenges of sustainable global food production, including reducing its environmental impact.

The UK innovation centres will visit Seed Valley, a leading centre in plant breeding and seed technology.

Companies in Seed Valley develop new flower and vegetable varieties like mini cauliflower or hamburger lettuce: improved varieties that give higher yields, are resistant to drought, are suitable for modern cultivation methods, or which can help reduce food waste.

The UK group will also view Farm of The Future in Lelystad, which aims to demonstrate how to grow crops in fully sustainable ways, including closed-loop recycling, high levels of biodiversity, minimal environmental pollution, as well as avoiding fossil fuels and assured incomes for farmers.

UK producers will also visit the World Horti Centre, Certhon, Agrofoodcluster, among the several sites in the Netherlands.

“We are very grateful to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Embassy in the UK for hosting this fascinating and collaborative visit. The UK Agri-Tech Centres are keen to strengthen our links with the Netherlands, to support innovation for sustainable global farming and food.

Our visit this week follows our recent announcement of the exciting partnership with Wageningen University & Research, also involved in the tour programme. We look forward to working together with our North Sea Neighbour”.


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