As the conversation around immigration policies continues to evolve in the UK, the voices from our rural areas are more crucial than ever. The Future Economic Rural Network (FERN) is launching a comprehensive survey to gauge the sentiments of rural residents on the new immigration rules, specifically the requirement for immigrants to earn above £38,700. Read more here from the BBC.

Why This Survey Matters

Rural communities, often distinct in their economic and social dynamics, may be uniquely affected by such policy changes. With a significant portion of the rural workforce in sectors like agriculture and healthcare, which frequently rely on immigrant labour, it is vital to understand how these new rules might reshape the fabric of rural life.

Your Voice is Crucial

The survey, “Rural Perspectives on New Immigration Income Thresholds,” seeks to capture a wide array of viewpoints from various demographics within rural areas. Whether you’re a farmer, a healthcare worker, a teacher, or someone deeply invested in the rural community, your opinions and experiences are invaluable.

What Will the Survey Cover?

The questionnaire delves into several key areas:

  • Awareness and understanding of the new immigration rules
  • Personal opinions on the income threshold
  • Perceived impacts on the local economy and job market
  • Social and cultural implications for rural areas
  • Overall support or opposition to the policy

How Your Participation Helps

Your insights will contribute significantly to our research, helping FERN advocate for policies that genuinely reflect the needs and aspirations of rural communities. The findings will also inform public discourse, ensuring that the perspectives of rural areas are not overlooked in national conversations about immigration.

Participate Now

The survey is brief, taking just about 10-15 minutes to complete, and is entirely anonymous. By participating, you’re not just voicing your opinion; you’re actively participating in shaping the future of your community.

We earnestly encourage you to take part in this survey. Your voice matters, and now is the time to make it heard.

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