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Want to share your knowledge, experience new and innovative ideas with people in a rural setting like yourselves?

Are you interested in opening a new business in a rural area? Are you an established business looking to harness the power of the internet and social media to boost your sales and broaden your market? Do you have a research project you are looking to set up and don’t know where to start?

As a non-geographically defined organisation, we welcome all efforts to boost the quality of life for those in rural areas, and not only in the traditional farming sector. Then we’d like to hear from you at

Cooperation is our key mantra and using the power of the masses, we believe that likeminded individuals and organisations can crowdsource ideas and which could be used in the United Kingdom, Ireland and across Europe.

It is common knowledge that rural businesses are at a disadvantage when adapting to new situations as they are historically distanced for the centres of power. However, with the internet and the rollout of fibre broadband across the continent, that gap is now shrinking.

Supercharging rural society

Some of our current and past partners and funders.