Leading industry experts, agricultural professionals and business, contractual and finance specialists.

Business Accelerator programming

An intensive 10-week agritech events programme, filled with insightful product development, meet-ups, workshops and outdoors activities.

Community driven

A young and energetic community of collaboration, support and lifelong friendship.

Business partnerships

Access to our growing global cohort of mentors situated on several continents night and day, throughout the course and beyond into series A.

Learning and insights

We're groundbreaking. Our finance and management team has over 30 years combined experience in business development in different locations, business and investor networks, as well as honest business development.

Work and Sleep

We're a firm believer in co-working spaces. It helps to increase productivity, creates a sense of community and also reduces our carbon footprint. We are also offering accommodation if needed for those who are not from the local area.

Empowering rural agritech startups from strategy to execution

Where is FERNLab?

As part of the upcoming FERNLab, our team will provide intensive technical help and support to rural agritech businesses as they build their projects beyond minimum viable product stage (MVP).

Through the FERNLab initiative, we’ve teamed up with global leaders in groundbreaking finance and business development, including our February tie-up with Solid World DAO, situated out of Estonia. With these partnerships, and our growing cohort of brilliant mentors and business development specialists, we believe we are the right team to take your business to market.

How we work

We partner with specialists in each field to make an interesting and actionable business programme possible in the remotest of environments that provide opportunities for group learning and further cross-pollination with different teams in the annual cohort.

Who we work with

The FERNLab initiative works with businesses and mentors that have a variety of foundational elements already in place.
Our sites offer high-speed internet connectivity
State-of-the-art modelling software and in “hyper-connected” areas despite being rural.

Moving agritech forward

“To be interested in food but not interested in food production is clearly absurd".

Supercharging agritech

Future partnership with academic institutions. We’re currently in close contact with educational partners in the UK, Ireland and Europe. If you’d like to create an educational partnership with FERNLab, get in touch.